Les vertus pédagogiques et argumentatives des cas exemplaires

Abstract : The virtues of exemplary cases explain why our mind is regularly led to seek such a case in order to get a concrete idea of a notion or a general statement. To better perceive these pedagogical virtues of exemplary cases, and to consider them in the context of understanding a rule of law, it will be necessary, first of all, to clarify the notion of « exemplary cases ». This will allow us to see that there are two categories of exemplary cases – those based on an example and those based on an illustration – and that each of them has different pedagogical virtues, particularly in the eyes of jurists. We will then see that the pedagogical virtues of exemplary cases are not the only ones that jurists exploit. Indeed, the latter also know how to take advantage of the argumentative virtues of exemplary cases.


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Franck Haid

Maître de conférences en Droit privé à la Faculté de Droit de l’Université d’Aix Marseille

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